Just two hours and a half drive from Kigali lies Rwanda’s largest National park. covering an area of 112,000 hectares the park is named after the river that runs along its eastern boundary, Akagera National Park is Rwanda’s counterpart to the famous savanna reserves of Kenya, Tanzania and the like, In contrast to the rest of the country, it is located in a relatively warm and low-lying area of undulating plains supporting a cover of dense, broad-leafed woodland interspersed with lighter acacia woodland and patches of rolling grassland studded evocatively with stands of the superficially cactus-like Euphorbia candelabra shrub. to the west of the plains lies a chain of low mountains, reaching elevations of between 1,600m and 1,800m. The eastern part of the park supports an extensive wetland: a complex of dozen lakes linked by extensive papyrus swamps and winding water channels fed by the meandering Akagera River.

Akagera is home to the country’s big games. Large herds of buffalo, zebra, giraffe, and Lion are seen on the open plains, while eland, roan and topi are found on the hills. Elephants tend to stay around the lakes, which are inhabited by large numbers of hippos and crocodiles.


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