The City of Kigali became the capital city in 1907 and officially accepted as the country capital city on the 1st July 1962. built at the feet of Mt Kigali, Kigali has 730Km2 and the largest city in Rwanda with over 1,500,000 people. Know for its cleanness and safety, Kigali was chosen after Butare, called Astrida. Fro a population of around 5640 people in 1962 Kigali has been growing quickly and is now the major political and economic center of Rwanda.

Situated in the heart of Rwanda Kigali provides a convenient gateway to the country by road or airKigali has got three district Gasabo, Kicukiro, both mainly residential and Nyarugenge which is a commercial hub.

The name Kigali means “large” it got its name from Mt Kigali which has an elevation of 1850m and the highest in the area.

Kigali is a greenest, safest and cleanest city in the region, surrounded by many trees and hills, Kigali enjoys a moderate climate despite its tropical location.

Centrally located in Rwanda, Kigali is convenient location to access all tourism sites and provinces.



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