Ride the Congo Nile Trail

There are few alternatives if not the above mentioned, if you are the adventure, Rwanda is not more for that but at least it has something for you and this is a ride along the Congo Nile trail.

Opened in 2009, the Congo Nile trail is a network of trails and roads that run from Gisenyi, the north end of Lake Kivu and wind southwards to the Cyangugu town at the Southern end of Lake Kivu.

The vast landscapes between these two points consist of innumerable towns and villages, unending rolling hills and valleys. This offers cyclists a remarkable adventure that is rarely experienced by city dwellers.

Birders also enjoy scenic views of abundant unique bird species including black-headed herons, White-breasted cormorants and white-tailed blue flycatchers.

There are three options for enjoying the Congo Nile trail such as walking, cycling and motorcycling. The walking can’t take you far and by motorcycle, you won’t appreciate more scenery as you are zooming, therefore the best is to get a bike and cycle the loop.

On a bike, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can challenge the narrow footpaths that wind through hills and villages or keep to the wide roads.

Riding lets you take in the impressive panoramic views of the hilly landscapes, Lake Kivu and encounters with the local people in the region.

It is your turn to choose what you are more interested in, you can do a short tour that runs for a few hours or partake in the seven-day journey that starts from Gisenyi up to Cyangugu.

The mostly liked route starts from Gisenyi up to Kibuye including a night stay on the way. From Kibuye, you will return to Gisenyi by boat along the waters of Lake Kivu.

Whether you are a novice rider or an expert, this adventure is worth being part while in Rwanda “The land of a thousand hills”.

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