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Book your Gorilla Safaris with Go safaris Africa. We are Rwandan Tour operator company with over 12 years of experience. At Go Safaris Africa, we create and tailor-made Safari packages in Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, and Tanzania. Safaris include mountain climbing expeditions, Gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris, culture and fauna tours and beach holidays. We offer the most competitive rates and offers for beautiful destinations throughout East African countries.

If you have ever wanted to see Africa for what it really is and see everything that it truly has to offer, choose East Africa. This is the only way you will be able to tour the various destinations and see the Africa that you see on TV and in movies. We have different safari packages that are available. They vary in length from short 3-Day Safaris to much longer 10- or 13-Day trips. We also have a wide variety of trips that will take you to see different sites and different parts of Africa depending on what you want to do or what you want to see. These are chances that you should take because you may never have the opportunity again to go on a trip and see wildlife like this again. Don’t miss your chance. Book yourself an African safari today.

6 Days Uganda Safari experience

Uganda is remarked as the pearl of Africa because of its enticing natural attractions that are breathtaking upon reaching them. It’s embraced with 10 national parks and innumerable reserves worth a visit. Kampala city tour offers an amazing urban tour with its associated chaotic adventure, visit jinja and taste the real definition of adventure

10 Day Uganda, Congo & Rwanda

This 10 Day combined Safari in Uganda, DR Congo and Rwanda offers plenty for travellers who are after

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Going on an African Safari Adventure.

Going on an adventure is something that I think every last person should investigate. Did you know that the average Africa Safari is at an incredibly cheap price, but the benefits of actually going on one are nothing short of extraordinary? It’s true, and I think that everyone who is an animal enthusiast should check it out. If you like going to a zoo, let me tell you – some of the highest quality African safaris are nothing short of a giant zoo. It might sound surprising to you, but on the Africa Safari, you would think that it was the inspiration for the Lion King – that’s how awesome it is. Pride of lions just fighting and tussling with each other, with a lazy male lion sitting around while the women hustled and bustled is what you can encounter on your African holiday. It is really important that you enjoy yourself, so take advantage and have fun on this vacation today!

We are a highly reputable company offering Unique and personalized gorilla safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. Great Prices and huge discounts. We welcome you to the ultimate Gorilla Safari Company, We arrange gorilla tracking to Mgahinga Bwindi in Uganda and Parc De Volcanoes in Rwanda as well as the neighbouring Congo.

JUST YOUR OWN GORILLA TOUR…..Provide us with your time frame and budget! We can arrange exciting trips that fit your budget and time considerations. They include Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee Safaris with other primates and wildlife safaris that involve extensive game drives. Contact Us Here

Dreaming of taking a trip of a lifetime experience to the wonders of Africa?  At Go Safaris Africa, we create you unique adventure trip. Take a tour of our website for inspiration. We combine your interest, budget, and date with our expertise and experience to take care of everything. We will conjure your journey of a lifetime because we have lived, worked, and travelled in Africa extensively.  Integrity, passion, and a drive to introduce you to the Africa we love are what we are known for.

Safaris and Tours

We are very flexible and very accommodating. Our price structure is very competitive and Congo Nile tour - Adventure Safaris Rwandain order to ensure that both private and group safaris may obtain the budget to suit them. We also include the different grades of low-budget/camping alternatives. Our Tailored or custom adventure safari packages do not come with a “custom” price. They’re simply a combination of lodges and activities that best suit your personal preference for your custom itinerary! Such itineraries can range from very basic mobile camping to top-of-the-line luxury accommodation, completely “custom made” for your requirements. We can organize the following speciality safaris and trips for you: Gorilla Trekking Safaris, Photographic Safaris, Birding Safaris, Honeymoons, Safaris incorporating Cultural Tours, Walking Safaris, Diving & Safaris, Family Safaris (grandparents-grand kids!!), Malaria-Free Safaris, Primates Tracking, and Hiking Safaris.

Although Wildlife is considered the major key tourist attraction, some other factors also exist and these include ease of accessibility. Other natural attractions like physical features include mountains, rivers, forests and more. Other major key attracting factors include welcoming locals, available good service providers like tour operators, favourable climatic conditions, favourable transportation services and stable security. All customized and tailor-made Wildlife Safaris are arranged to focus on Wildlife heading to different major tourist sites which provide habitat to different Wildlife species, these tourist sites are located in different regions.

We are your choice because

We offer an attractive discount to our repeat clients.

We have a high level of personal attention when planning your safari or when you are on a safari.

You will need to be assured of a reply to your inquiry in a maximum of 1 day.

We offer a discount on all safaris in low seasons (March, April, May, June and October).

We can start your safari any day of the week or month.

We have an option of having a private safari or a group safari using set departure dates.

If you book a group safari and it does not fill up, we still take you on a safari at the special advertised group rate.

For every group of over 8 guests, we use 2 vehicles for extra comfort and to allow enough legroom

We use very experienced guides who are also very knowledgeable about wildlife.

We have English and German-speaking guides but can also arrange for alternatives should clients have particular requests.

You only have to pay a 50 % deposit upon confirmation of your safari and the balance is due 3 weeks before the beginning of your safari.

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